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“Gamified your daily task, rewarding with the benefit as request”

For Businesses

Create a high-performance company
culture with real-time insights, seamless communication,
and rewarding system.

Effective Internal Communication

Reach and connect to frontline workers in real-time communication, updated business policy impact in the organization

  • Efficient communication direct to each employees' mobile devices

  • Respond to issues and emergencies faster

  • Boost employee participation and engagement

Motivate Employee Awareness

  • Employees give more collaboration to company activities

  • Improve more following safety procedures and environment policy

  • Realtime insight feedback from frontline employees

Impressive Onboarding Experiences

Create a new way of onboarding experiences

  • New hires follow the guide activities to learn about company like play mission in game

  • Make successful onboarding quest get the first rewards from company

  • Redeem any rewards as their wishes

Change Employee Behavior

Increasing employees' collaboration with company policies

  • Link the recognition to the values of organization which need to promote

  • Motivate employee change their behavior align to core values

Mobile Non-desk Learning

Keep updated knowledge of employees wherever they are

  • Create a hub of knowledge which employees can explore through their mobile

  • Monitoring online training activities and measuring the real-time engagement

  • Get the result of training and feedback to improve training experience

For Employees

Employees feel engage with game-like learning
experience and satisfy with the flexible benefits and privileges.

Enhance Reward & Recognition

Ready-to-redeem rewards platform

  • Plugin Rewards system ready for integration with present points system of company

  • Seamless Integration by using API and webview service

Easy to Manage Rewards

Varieties rewards for all favor lifestyles

  • Customize favor rewards for your team from our Wellplace catalogue

  • Do not suffer with reward inventory management

  • Get the data show your employee behavior of favorite redeem

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