WellExp is an employee motivation platform with various of features built to give you the important insight you need to develop your employees’ talent, improve company culture, and motivate employees with flexible benefits.


Rewards & Redeem

Improve relationship within your company through
announcement and peer to peer recognition


Reach every employees with news and updates

No more mass emails and paper announcement

  • Share updates to all employees within one click

  • Make sure timing is right with scheduled posting

  • Selection several groups of employees for updated

  • Employees only see the information that relevant to them

Create engaging updates in a few clicks and improve the good communication

  • Take a few clicks to publish engaging content

  • Add images, video or embed URL link to make more interesting

  • Auto popup notification for new updates

  • Get insights and know which types of updates gewt the highest engagement rates

Surveys collect employees' feedback

Capture your employees’ thoughts and feedback
by mobile experience to reach every employee

  • Create and publish employee surveys and live digital polls in minutes

  • Make decisions based on organization surveys

  • Get fast feedback and valued insights from every employees

  • With mobile experience make it easy for everyone to take participation


Make the culture of sharing appreciation
and encouragement

  • Employee give the Wellpoints to colleagues and other teammates for the job welldone

  • Encourage and inspire your teammates, make sure their actions are valued and visible

  • Create a culture of recognition and enhance engagement

  • Express the gratitude and make more closed connection to the team

Employees get WellPoints when completing quests,
it’s fun and rewarding


Motivated Operation

Reward the small milestone successfulness

  • Award small milestone achievement or OKR progress with Wellpoint

  • Stimulate motivation to generate a faster working progress

  • Employee takes pride in themselves and continuously receive rewards


Easiest way to evaluate team’s knowledge

  • Create and dispatch quizzes in few clicks and analyze your team knowledge

  • Track your team skills and performance , anywhere & anytime

  • Create suggestion quizzes to get feedback for team


Make any employee participate to business goals

  • Create refferal campaigns that all employees can share them and make the imapct to business goal such as promote new product, increasing sale revenue

  • Makes employee feel engage in the progress of the business performance

Get started with ready-to-use online quizzes
that can assess anywhere


Knowledge Library

Provide standard knowledge to your employees,
wherever they are

– Effortless course creation with customizable courses from many templates in library

– Manage repeating and structured standard knowledge that employees should know

– Designable individual development for your team


Onboarding from anywhere and smoother

– Create a guide for new hires go through onboarding process

– Send the onboarding quests includes content about company, clip videos and link to complete some documents on their mobile devices

– Paperless onboarding process and happy like win the quests in game

Non-desk Learning

New standard for employee training

– Easily update any knowledge your team anywhere they work

– Get your employee trained on any knowledge with a mobile digital course

– Create surveys or skill tests that evaluate training needs

Use WellPoints to redeem flexible rewards to delight people

Rewards & Redeem


Employee Rewards made simple

  • Promote company culture and employee engagement by reward with Wellpoints

  • Increase motivation and satisfaction by rewards and incentive employees

Reward employees with Wellpoints that redeem
their favorite benefits and privileges

  • WellExp prepare ready-to-redeem rewards that employees can choose as their favorites

  • Customize any vendors of benefits and privileges that the employees love


Reward employees with Wellpoints that redeem
their favorite benefits and privileges

  • Selectively award WellPoints for any achievement or special occasions

  • Send celebrate messages to inbox of individual employee account

  • Create and choose the achievement badge

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To better serve all employee wish, We partner with brands to offer a variety
of choice from lifestyle to personal investment.

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